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Some of the animations, if not all, are pretty gross. They include scenes which include bodily functions,some by animals, and some cartoons of ka-ka content.Some ofthe files are quite large, but all are worth a look. Please don't view these immediately before or after a meal.Sorry they are no credits for the authors, but I don't know where they come from.As always If you are at all unhappy about downloading files with active content, then give this a miss. As far as I know, they're pretty safe.

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If as a result of viewing these clips you throw up,
may I please have a video of it.

Note from TAZ. I accept no responsiblity for any content downloaded from my site and any sites linked to my website. There are no direct links individual files at with "active" content or exe files etc. This is for the protection of all, as you are aware. files can be intercepted, infected and/or corrupted.