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Sunday March 14th
Bloody Hell, I got so much flak about the 16 pic, I took it out. Some ppl got no sense of humour.

Saturday March 13th
I spoke to Duma at DVX about the 1 am Saturday morning rumble and explained that this is a lil late because.

2. By 1am half / most of the British contingent will be stoned / drunk.

Anyway he says that they are happy to play earlier, so we'll fix something up. Details will be here or on the BZF.

Ive been very busy/sick last week so not so much stuff on the news but at lest you got another epsode of the chimp saga.

I will be MIA from Wednesday until Saturday as I have to go to Paris and taunt the French a second time. Maybe fire a few arrows in the tops of their heads already.

Thursday March 11th
DVX want a rumble, trouble is it translates to 1 am Saturday morning our time.

Watch the BZF Forum for details.

Wednesday March 10th
New "Shot of the month" is out today and just for a change it's not one of us

Tuesday March 9th
Episode 7 of the Chimpinators "Crowded House" is out today.

Monday March 8th
The waiting list

Heh. We got a few. This is it

"Iceman" Welsh kiddie, lives in Porthcawl, seems ok. polite mail saying he wanted to wait. Needs the practise. Give him to Fear for an hour, ha ha ha Plus point: Told gobby Maverick to bugger off when he was asked to join (I saw that) said "he'd rather join Smeg any day".

"Jono" Computer nut lives Blackpool way, about 30 ish. Again he sent a nice mail. ha ha "Jon-o-Smeg"? as opposed to Groats Plus point:I just got the feeling playing with him he was pretty straight. Oh he did write that nice piece about miners the other day.

"Bagpuss" Well, we know all about the puss. heh "Smeggopuss" ? Plus point: Jaki's mate, so should be sound. Needs to get rid of that "386" tho. ha ha ha.

[EMBED SOMBRE VOICE] "If any of the Great Council of the Shoe should know of any impedement as to why.... etc etc" [/EMBED SOMBRE VOICE]

What??? You did n't know about the Great Council of the Shoe? Well bugger me. It's so secret I have n't even told the members of the Council who they are. It's there tho, watching all the time. Beware, do not incur the wrath of the shoe, lest it step on you, too, boo hoo hoo, what a to do. Wheres the Gnu ? Bless Shoe.

I am at home feeling sorry for myself. This mornings Demon dial-up nightmare. 5 succesive tries produced 5 succesive fekk-offs, we're busy go away, The 6th connected me and then dropped me instanly (another 4p gone west) got on at the 7th attempt.

A disgraceful service even if it was free, let alone paying for it. Off to give my global thingie a look as the Tesco thing refuses to connect.

Lastly we have had some very constructive mails from Uncle Sveno at IG. He is minding the shop while the No 1 man is away. He has taken on board what some of heve to say about a few "rotten apples" in the IG "barrel" and is going to set about putting the lid on it. Good luck to him.

Saturday March 6th
Still feeling pretty crap, apoligies for the lack of anything really interesting. BTW , jsut in case you live on Mars and there's been a radio failure, we lost 2-1 to The Cow. I got a huge bottle of single malt (Islay) and I'm gonna drink it right now. L8r.

A minutes silence please for Dusty OBE. The nearest thing we had to Aretha Franklin, died today aged 59.
A concession to Sveno. I did tend to tar all the IG with the same brush, which was less than good natured. As we know Sveno is a good sport and I get the impression that he was a lil' upset with my comments. Nevertheless, there has been some naughty goings on in the past, by certain suicide merchants.

In all of the finest kiss and make up traditons tho' we will endevour to get on.

Let me know if anyone wants to be the "Rumble captain". I really have enough to maintain here, and I would appreciate a lil help if any one can spare the time. It's bound to get worse when junior arrives.

Also for reasons I wont bore you with, the news will be updated ate the end of the day now. sssshhh

Wednesday March 3rd
I see that IG have now joined the BZF. Lets hope this will see an end to some of the more disagreeable tactics they have used in the past. If they persist in killing themselves everytime you are about to get a kill, we might as well pack up and go home. I hope Col Failure and Co are on top of this. I dont want to end up playing ladder games against super-armour either.

On a lighter note. Another nice clipping for you.

Special agent crabber reports the there is a Clan ASL. Get this, it's the "Anti Smeg League". Bwahahahahah. The flattery continues.

Lastly good Luck to Ups today, he's sitting another Microshit C.E exam.(Is this the qualifaction for the Guild of Advanced Burning and Cracking Brotherhood)?

Here's a mail I got from "Jono" who plays with us from time to time, about miners, I think it's well worth a post. He sounds like our sort of bloke

The thing is, if I was one of these mine laying creatures, I couldn't see the satisfaction of killing someone without even firing a shot !!!

If these anoraks wanna play like that then I think they should design a new game mode 'DM','S','E' with 'E' standing for "Explosive". I can picture the map now :- A large square with mines dotted throughout. All the anoraks line up around the perimeter, each player in the game has a plunger to detonate his or her mines. Then some innocent player like you or I would enter the arena and they would take turns at plunging. Oh what fun, I bet they all go to bed at night with a warm feeling inside !!!

Round 'em up ... put 'em in a field ... and bomb the bastards !! thats what I say.

Could n't have put it better myself :o)

Tuesday March 2nd
The local news says that West Sussex Highways are going to plant 60,000 around the Uckfield bypass. Thats a lot of shrubs. I wonder if they will go for a split-level effect, with a lil' path running through the middle?
Monday March 1st
Oooooh look. Top again. How long can this unblemished streak last?

Sunday Feb 28th
Well we won again last night I hear. Mod did n't password the 1st game, so it did n't go quite as intended. Never mind

I got an apology from CoW. Soul says they thought is was next Saturday. Hmmmmm. The thing is it's now 3 weeks since I replied to their challange and I'm sure I put the date of the rumble on the mail.

Bearing in mind their treatment of MoD I shall have a think about this one.

Saturday Feb 27th
Cow did n't show today, thats about par for the course with them, according to MoD.

We do have an invitation to rumble with MoD tonight @or about 23:00.

Useful talkee during game utility at

Do n't forget this is your clan too, if you have got any contributions send them to me!

That's all for now, drop me a line


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