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Although this is primarily a news page for the members, if you are n't a Smeg and you have wandered in here out of curiosity, you are welcome anyway.

  • The news will be updated as and when time permits, the last two weeks on the page will be transferred to the archive page.

  • Game tips, bugs and snags will be on the appropriate pages.

  • It will, of course, be dependent on time and space [no pun intended] :)

  • I do not intend to list the "best, worst, so and so sucks" type stuff.

  • Any reproduced posts are "as is" with no guarentees or acceptance of any liability for innaccuracies or errors.

Friday 17th July

THE PATCH IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 19th July

Well Gork is not gonna join, his Pa said no.

I am reserving judgement on the patch at the moment.

Crow, finally did your page today, along with a few changes.

Tuesday 21July

Well almost the whole gang was in on a colloseum game last night, we were only missing Sarge. I felt sorry for the 3 poor non-smeg sods who were getting hammered.

Bang totally lost his rag when I dumped a few mines and decided to mutiny with a volley of well aimed shots at me. :)

I would still like to get all six of us together in a photo-shoot, maybe standing in front of our tanks.

Also would you please let me know if you have webphones.
Friday 24July

New page added! I got tired of answering the "what is Smeg?" questions. If anyone asks you from now on, tell them "Go to the Smegpages". There is now a link to loads of Smeg Stuff.

Still waiting for at least one email from you guys to say if you have webphones.
Sunday 26July

I have now split the "Bug-fix" page into 6 pages which should make it easier to follow. It was overdue for a overhaul.

I am sure that some of you must have some stuff you could contribute. So far Sampo and I are the only guys who have come up with anything.

Still as I said, I aint gonna nag ya, it's up to you, but it would be nice to hear from all that experience out there.

Remember. Newsgroup stuff does n't stay around for long. This way we do have a good reference base.
Sunday August 2

A few things to mention.

I have now got a Netscape browser as well as IE, so I can check the pages in both. I spent all Sunday re-arranging the site in response to some of your complaints :) Hopefully this will lead to a resolution of the browser incompatabilties.

I am also working on a comic strip with all the BZ characters featured. Once I get the scanner working "The Chimpinators" will hit your screens. Watch out Doug Adams!

I got a rare email from Captain Gram asking if the site wnated to be included on a BZ webring, I 'll check out the implications and see if there are any downsides.

Lastly Varis(DCC) is champing at the bit for a punch-up, although what he is proposing, seems a little protracted. I know Sampo and Crow are keen, but 10:00 pm on Sunday night does n't work for me.

Monday August 3

We have a new member. My pal Ian from work (UK) broke his cherry this weekend by sniping some turrets. He went out and bought the game a way back, but has been practising, before he "came out".

He is {SMEG}~Ori, as he has always been know as the Orinoko Kid, on account of him being a hairy git. So make him welcome, cos as he's new at it he may need some help to start with. Members pages have been updated accordingly.

NJ server was completely Chimp infested last night, 100% over-run. We have to exterminate them. The trouble was getting in to a game was impossible.

New map. By now you should have all received the "smegland" map and some instructions. Keiron has made a nice job on his first attempt at this stuff. Of course we all need to load it in order to play, so get it into the addons NOW!!!!
Wed August 5

Well, BZ totally chimped out last night. Cheats, Hacks & patches. I give up

If you need the patch for cheat checking it's on the ultimategaming page. Lot of incompatabilty probs last night also. I hope this is n't the end of BZ.

Bang Bang says he is going to Hong Kong for 3 months, so I am posting him MIA until then. He says he will try and keep in touch using a temp ISP.

I will try and keep the news current so he can keep abreats of developments.

Saturday August 8

The following depressing news frome the NG, in case you missed it

Royce Hutcherson wrote in article

Last night claimed to have defeated the new anti cheat file with a Hex editor.... dont know if they are ful of Bravo Sierra or not... guess we will see soon........Thanks for your continuing input.

Brig. General John "Roulette" Waters Angry Angels. Executive Officer replied

The patch was broken 3 days ago by an hacker at NJ, who told everyone how he did it. I relayed the details to an fellow clan mate (~AA~ Kyp) & he gave them to Kevin, and Kevin accrooding to my clan mate verified that it can be hacked, but said only the real hack pro's will be able to do it, not the note pad hacks. Patched games at NJ in the last 2 nights have reportedly had a couple of hack intruders, as well.

Its all getting very messy
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