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Although this is primarily a news page for the members, if you are n't a Smeg and you have wandered in here out of curiosity, you are welcome anyway.

  • The news will be updated as and when time permits, the last two weeks on the page will be transferred to the archive page.

  • Game tips, bugs and snags will be on the appropriate pages.

  • It will, of course, be dependent on time and space [no pun intended] :)

  • I do not intend to list the "best, worst, so and so sucks" type stuff.

  • Any reproduced posts are "as is" with no guarentees or acceptance of any liability for innaccuracies or errors.

Sunday August 30

Well firstly apologies for the lack of commitment this week. I have not had a lot of time and also there has not been anything Earth-Shattering to write about. I received another excellent map, this time from sampo, I wonder if I should make a MAPS page? Anyway Sampo, Crow, Shenazzy had a ball with it Friday night.

Ori continues in his quest for new and exotic ways to be murdered whilst on his voyage to survive for more than 5 minutes in a game.

I decided to leave Henri's on the site, although the links are suspended, on the basis of "Once a Smeg allways a Smeg".

Monday August 31

Well I have something to write about today. We have a new member. Seems that BZ is a real favourite in Finland. This guy is a friend of the Suomi bro's, Sampo and Crow. His name is Aki and his handle is {SMEG}~Tenka Welcome aboard. You now have your own page and are now (drum-roll here) a fully-fledged, paid-up Smeg.

Had a great game with Keiron on the latest version of "Smegroove". I had a razor with twin raves, pretty lethal. It was taking out a Grandal with one burst. This fine map is available on Keiron's Website. Def. worth having. Do not forget to pass the maps aroung the clan. I have not yet time to build any, but as I am looking after the Smegsite, I don't fell any guilt. He He

I have not heard anything from Bang Bang, so I guess he is still out in Hong Kong. At least if he can read this he will have some idea of what's going on.

I shall be MIA from this Tuesday until Saturday because I have to go to Bournemouth on business.I almost certainly will not have on-line access. Anything you send me will have to wait until I get back.

Sunday Sept 6th

Well I am back and trying to keep up with things. Another new Smeg from Finland. I Have n't got a mail from him yet, but Sampo says he's {SMEG}~Diamond Dog Thats a bit of a mouthful for the flag and combat chat, he he . I spoke To (DO) Fungu last night and he says Dog did ok in a sniper match, well done. Can you send me some mail with some brief details DD

Keiron's been busy with the maps again and there are some more new ones on Keiron's Website. Def. worth having. Do not forget to pass the maps around the clan.

As you can see I have re-vamped the format to try and keep it interesting and try and placate those pickier browsers.

Wednesday Sept 9th

I finished reformatting all the pages today. If anyone sees any mistakes, or has difficulty with their browsers reading the pages, please let me know. The news archive now consists of 3 pages. Nothing else to tell you. Bubba! I still need some details to finish your page and send off your flag.

I got home tonight and found a message from Sampo telling me that we have another new member. He he, I am trying to keep up with this, that makes it a even 10 now. Again I Have n't got a mail from him yet, but Sampo says he's {SMEG}~Toukka. As before, welcome aboard, do your flag for you this evening. :)

I have actually done the new page and updated all the relevent existing pages.
Saturday Sept 12th

Diamond dog has quit. He never told me why, matter of fact never spoke to me period, start to finish. Easy come easy go.

I have added a "Shot of the week" page, linked to the Homepage. If you are using a screen capture app. to get some combat pics. Send me your stuff and we'll have a new one every week.

I have kicked off with one from Thursday nights BMR free for all. There is a picture of a grendal that got a little closer to me than I liked. Too bad now he's "famous". he he

Wednesday Sept 16th

Nothing much this week so far until today. I shared the train ride home with my workmate Bill , and the news is he bought BZ today. He's gonna meet me in a one to one tonight to check out the multiplay. It took some doing 'cos our Bill is not as happy about being shot to pieces as our ORI. He says he is definitely gonna get some practice in before he launches into the big bad BZworld.

He works in the same office as ORI and every morning hears about how " I got stuffed last night by ...." from ORI, so he's determined not to go the same way ORI you just gotta want to live, he he.

Some of you know Keiron is about to become a Dad any day now. So far the lil' one just does not want to come out. As soon as there is any news I'll post it.

Thursday Sept 17th

Well there was a great time had by all in a "Smegsmoooth" game last night. In all there was Sampo, Keiron, Myself, HAL 9000 . KTCT Firefox and Boris, all fighting it out. It was great to have a bunch of guys realy enjoing themselves with no bitching about "Lag", cheating etc etc.

The KTLT guys have the same approach to clans as we do, so we really hit it of. They made there caln as a poke at the serious stuff as well. He he.

Bill did n't get on last night, but on the way to work he let me in to a very, very, dodgy secret. BILL! you know what I am talking about, so you better get down to some serious 'zoning or I am gonna tell the world your sad story and then you will have to leave town, he he.

Further to the last I have now finished Bill's page as he told me the name he wanted to use. So if you see {SMEG}~Gross
, that's the new man.

Saturday Sept 19th

Another good game with our Channel Islands (KTCT) friends last night. A wild romp in the "Smegcastle" map. We all paused for this Pic Left to right, Wide Load, The Captain, Taz and Boris. New "Shot of the week" out today, "Mr Blue sucks it down".

Sunday Sept 20th


It is with great pleasure I write the best news of this year.

To My good friends, Keiron (Captian Mo Smeg) and Sue at 07:30 am this morning, a healthy baby boy (no name yet) 10lb 1 oz. At the ripe old age of 44 Keiron is a dad again, so if you don't see "The Captain" around much this week, you know why.

Well done both of you!

Click here if you want to send them your good wishes

Monday Sept 21st

He He. A brilliant new anti-chimp logo thanks to Ian (Smeg Ori). As you can see a very nice piece of work!

Tuesday Sept 29th

Not much going on lately, only thing I have to say is that the first episode of "The Chimpinators" cartoon should be out soon.

Thursday Oct 1st

Well we kick of the month with at least one noteworthy Item. After a couple of desertions our ranks are further replenished with another new member. Some of you old hands may remember a guy called "Made in England" who was playing a while back. He has returned to BZ after a break and likes our informal approach so he decided he'd like to join. He is {SMEG}~Brum, 'cos the "made in England handle is a bit long for combat chat, and he's from the Birmingham area. So welcome aboard, the Brit flags are overtaking the Finnish flags on the member lists now, heh.

Still no news from Bang Bang, I guess he is still out in Hong Kong. HEY BANG if you see a Voodoo 2 card for a fiver I'll have it. heh

Sunday Oct 4th
It's all happening at once!!!!!!!!! Another new Smeghead, Smegmania is taking over. Our latest member is {SMEG}~Upuaut. Its an contraction of something rude, which good tast dictates no further details here.

So now we are the Dirty Dozen. Seriously tho',do we want to set an upper limit to the number of members? My keybord's wearing out. Doh

Sunday Oct 4th

A good weekend, all in all.

A hysterical Saturday was had by those of us who were in the same game as Fulcrum, Taz and Fear & Loathing et all. Heh, I (TAZ) went in as "Leer & Moaning" and Fear & Loathing turned up as "SWET"~SpaZ". The whole thing was punctuated by folks leaving and rejoining, all trying to come up with a more rediculous "handle"

It was gaming at it's best, everybody was having a ball and there was no bitching. Too bad it's not always like that.

There was some intense gaming happening on Sunday. At one point in the afternoon there was TaZ, Sampo, Crow, Toukka, Tenka and Upuart all getting stuck in. We had a great colloseum session with DUMA(BMR) and I swear to God I don,t know how many times I got him down to one red bar, or none at all, before I got zapped by someone else. That guy leads a charmed life.

Now some info for you. There will be some of us MIA over the next few weeks due work and stuff.

Sampo and Aki(Tenka) will be out all week (off with their school, walking to the North Pole, I should n't wonder), they should be back at the weekend.

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