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Although this is primarily a news page for the members, if you are n't a Smeg and you have wandered in here out of curiosity, you are welcome anyway.

  • The news will be updated as and when time permits, the last two weeks on the page will be transferred to the archive page.

  • Game tips, bugs and snags will be on the appropriate pages.

  • It will, of course, be dependent on time and space [no pun intended] :)

  • I do not intend to list the "best, worst, so and so sucks" type stuff.

  • Any reproduced posts are "as is" with no guarentees or acceptance of any liability for innaccuracies or errors.

Thursday Dec 3rd
The second episode of the"Chimpinators"is out today
Wednesday Dec 2nd
Hmmmm, not much to tell you. Had a quick Turret vs Walker (Leap of Faith map) game with Sampo the other night. That Finn is a tricky bugger, If you 're up against a Golem with a rave you have your work cut out. Enjoyed it until I got thrown of :( I got mullered, predictiably, as I had not tried a Badger before.

We really should have a bash at getting together at the same time for a 3 vs 3 or something, at least we would know were all non-primates. I can't believe how chimped-out the US server still gets. Just have to give uo as a bad job. Most of the time the UK is fairly free of tea parties (thank God).

Nothing from the Captain yet and still no news from the smeg wannabees.

Sigh I,m back to work and my brain hurts, lots of chimping going on, bleahhh, it's turning into a barfhaus.

The second episode of the "Chimpinators" story should be out by the weekend. So far Speilberg has n't beaten a path to my door for the rights.
Saturday Nov 28th
Another good session with the Captain last night. The Stella induced headache is taking my mind off my sore gob. Still not with it tho', I put my toast down on the work top in the kitchen in blob of kitty food, yunno that jellied stuff. Nearly barffed, tastes like cold eels (or so I would imagine).

Capt mo is moving to a brand new house on Monday, so he will be MIA for a few days. Still no news on the incumbents as yet.
Friday Nov 27th
Well i am still feeling very sorry for myself, me gob is still aching, so I have been at home all day. I've had a chance to play with my screen capture program and get some stuff in to photoshop.

Here is a JPG of a T-Bird line up I drew today, the BMP is a beauty, but it's nearly a meg.
There are 6 individual birds matted together in this shot, If you try and get away with duplicates of one ship, it wont work. The perspective looks all wrong, best part of a mornings work here, help yourself if you want one, he he.

I'll stick the BMP up when the phones go on to cheap rate. Much better pic and worth the bandwidth.
TBird Line up (.JPG 19Kb)

TBird Line up (.BMP 917Kb) Wow!

Saturday Dec 5th

It's our house

Look "His and hers". Guess which one is mine.

Just like the real papers, when there's bugger all going on in the world, the news pages are full of crap. Arf Arf

Full size JPG image 25Kb

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