The Arse Lieutnant's page

Ok here's the dirt on Arse..
Meat name..Tony Puglia

Favourite ship: Stealth Tank or Volvos

Favourite weapon: mag\SP

Dislikes:Law enforcement, stupid chimp USA kids who give it the large one "US rocks dude etc" who are then outraged when you take the piss out of them. Yeah terrible that...heh. Lag, having to wait for BZII and peanut butter is really disgusting.

Likes: running away typing 'no please don't' 'help!' then pulling a half somersault and giving you a twin mag in the face.

Special tactics: See likes.

Most recent claim to fame: Announcing on the BBC1 o clock news live that fishing was a more dangerous pastime than taking ecstacy pills. Arse, who was fronting up Drug Czar Keith Helliwell over the issue, later went on to be violently sworn at in a confrontation with Leah Betts father in the BBC News24 studio over the impromptu statement. Full story if you're arsed at

Location: Brighton Sussex. UK