~DeAnO~'s page

Name:Deano age 27, Married with a lil' boy (Arron). In RL a Citroen Technician

Known aliases: ((((BassMonger)))) and Deano~4Q2~

Fav ship: ...Fraid im a Stealthy through and through nowadays....Shhhh...converted ya c..its what they do to ya...oh yeah ive seen em wiv their trinkets and magic and...ahem ..sorry i like tuskers and grizzlys also...

Hates: Shitty Drivers....I suffer terrible road rage! ButterBeans......uuuurrrrccchhhhh!! Laggy little razors.....dont they just piss u off , Miners, Whingers, notchy intro vids, American rock. B** J***..& shit like that. ( Taz note :Name of prime example censored to avoid beach of AUP, Lawyers Guns and Munny :o), People who dis JiMi, goin to work....speaks for itself! Runnin out of skins at 2 in the morn.....HATE THAT!

Likes:Play Bass in a band, Battlezone, my CPS3000 supersoaker...hehe, laughin', RttS..May bank hol evrey year..Newquay...bug fest that rocks, bein high! Frank Zappa (Taz note : exquisite taste :o) .....Jazz, Discharge Party Hats.....Tune!

Weapons :See Fave ship.

PC: K6-III 450..voodooIII 3000..128megpc100 some aubergine and a lot of luuurrve

Location:Manchester, UK

Related links: http://whitelee.org.uk early recordings.....site under con..