Fear & Loathing's Page

Hi there, well you found me, so here's a brief bio.

Brief: Been playing BZ on-line since March 1998(too damned long) and remember misty-eyed the pre 1.01 patched games. Oh the hours spent trying to get your damned recycler to deploy on the geyser, the quiet moments watching lazily in DM games as your kills rack up coz someone else took your ship. Arf.

Favourite ship: That Sunday morning one just before breakfast that always gets stuck in the "U" bend...oops...ship?...ah, erm...moving swiftly on...

Likes: Beer and smokes and oh the joy of actually playing a good, low-ping game with my BZ chums late on a Saturday night. (Does anyone remember the low-ping?). Ruff

Dislikes: Well - seeing as this is a BZ site - I'll limit myself to the essentials: - GODDAM CHIMPS - which practically covers the whole of the USA servers. In particular those damned teenage yanks, whose pre-pubescent bickering hammers incessantly at my poor, abused synapses. Goddam fekkers deserve the slappings dished out by my fellow Euro heroes. And as for those {HEL}~As-holes...rant...rave...pant...woof.

Claim to fame: Serious moment here - in my younger fitter days I was an axe hero for an indie band (hmm - contradiction in terms?), released an album and the single got to No.6 in the indie charts. Location: Scotland & the best city in the UK - Glasgow ......Tweet.....