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Trying to escape from Charing Cross Station.
I hate it

"London's scenary is unrivaled."

The "Tejas" Bar, a barff source.

A Tejas barff site, a little past it's best.

Well, you know all about these.
The Ludgate Circus "Box".

This space
to rent


  • Commuting
  • Commuting on London Riverlink Trains
  • Toilets on London Riverlink Trains
  • Seating on London Riverlink Trains
  • London Riverlink Trains
  • People that take their bikes on London Riverlink Trains during rush-hour, despite the notices saying that it's not allowed, and then have the neck to argue.
  • People that chuck their crap on the floor
  • Knobends that light up in front of you when you are stuck in the morass that is trying to pass through the ticket barriers at Charing Cross station, because 3 trains have arrived at once and the exits are STILL TOO FECKING SMALL.
  • Charing Cross Station
  • 50 watt Personal Stereos on trains.
  • Tippy-Tappy Laptops used by two finger operators. Those persons who are unable to plan their business day adequately enough and irritate those of us who can and whom do not need the air around us filled with the noises that I wish to leave behind at the end of the day
  • Chewing gum, smelly chewing gum and people who chew gum with their mouth open, crack slurp and drool continually
  • Apres-office party piss-heads.
  • People with perpetual runny noses who sniff ad-infinitum and will not use a hankie. (especially when they execute long drawn-out snorts that sound as if the flem is being dragged up all the way from their tonails.
  • Persons who have to continually shake and crack their newspaper whilst reading it.
  • The Underground. No one should have to endure that!
  • Ticket offices that are always closed when you want to buy a new season ticket.


  • Pillocks who drive whilst smoking and/or using a mobile phone in town traffic.
  • People carriers with middle age housewives and only one kid, making a meal out it.
  • Caravans and RV's driven by old buggers, who have just bought them with their retirement handshake, and have n't got a clue how to drive them.
  • People who brake before they signal.
  • People who can't be bothered to use their indicators
  • Drivers who ignore the "box" at Ludgate circus.
  • Persons who don't thank you when you do them a favour.
  • Urban Assualt Vehicles (Range Rovers etc) that never leave a paved surface.
  • Roo bars on the above.
  • People who don't use their mirrors, especially on motorways.
  • 50 Kilowatt car stereos with a base that knocks the air out of your lungs at 100 yards.
  • Tail "Gators"
  • Dispatch cyclists on the footway
  • White Van & Taxi Drivers that park where they like.
  • The grubby, smoke-filled taxi at Bournemouth Central Station that has 100 year old Yak fur for seat covers that has twice driven me out to the airport.
  • Dartford Tunnel, The A23 through Streatham, The Purley Way, The Hanger-Lane Gyratory. Heathrow central area, Los Angeles, Four way stop junctions in the US and of course the M25.
  • Paying for air at service stations.
  • Pumps that cut out every 3 seconds while you are trying to fill up.


  • Blind date, Soaps, Teletubbies, Moonmins, Hector's house
  • Daytime TV.
  • Old "agony aunts" responding to sad phone-ins with self-opiniated BS.
  • Phone-ins
  • Wimbledon, darts, snooker and any excessive sport saturation.

Pub Hates.

  • People that let their kids run riot in "Family Pubs"
  • Family Pubs
  • Pub's that have only one person working at the bar on a Friday evening and also simultaenously taking food orders
  • Pubs that charge 2.20 for a pint, but 1.15 for a half.
  • Having to wait for a pint 'cos the barman is playing the frutie.
  • Going higher than a 2 on the frutie and getting a 1
  • Background muzak so loud that you can't hold a conversation without shouting.

London hates & misc stuff

  • People who can't walk in a straight line and then complain bitterly when they crash in to you.
  • The bloody great crowd of students that fills the pavement outside the LSE every 4 pm and blocks half of The Strand.
  • Tourists in Covent Garden Piazza.
  • Student musician string quartets in Covent Garden Piazza slaughtering "The 4 Seasons" by trying to play it in 7/8 time and the crowds of proles thinking it sounds terrific.
  • The toe-rag that wees up against the back of The Strand Palace hotel and does n't flush the pavement after. (at it again last week in broad daylight).
  • The huge piles of dried barff out side the "Tejas" bar in Covent Garden that you have to thread your way through to get to the office.
  • 200 decibel reversing warning hooters on delivery trucks early in the morning.
  • S**theads that park in bus lanes.
  • The plebs that park their break-down wagons all over the footway near my mates work.
  • The inconsiderate sod who lets their dog poo all over the Riverbank walk every morning outside the Founders arms and never cleans it up afterwards.
  • The aweful violet paint on the Elephant and Castle shopping centre

That will do for starters.

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