The Killiefish's page

Well you found me, so here's the Bio

Fav ship: Stealth tank (athough Wolverines and razors are fun)

Weapons: Mags Mags Mags Mags Mags

Hates: 10 year old kids who think your cheating cos you kick their arse with dual mags; London buses (Wish I had a tank against one of those); Manchester United (nuff said); Clan {BORG} (Kids - see point 1); Clan HEL, President Clinton, Tony Blair, Saddam Hussain (because he's a very bad man); Gloucestershire (I was born there and its rubbish);Taz and Jaki with blast cannons! Other gripes too numerous to mention. Oh, and of course CHIMPS!!!

Likes: Beer, Football (England, Newcastle, West Ham, Kilmarnock, Swindon Town; Bristol Rovers); Nurses; Curry; De Hems Dutch Cafe Bar in Macclesfield Street (Blatant plug for my favourite pub); London.

Special tactics.Now that would be telling...

Claim to fame: Ummmm does meeting Andy Gray and Melinda Messenger in France at the World Cup count? Oh, and I once worked with Gary Glitter's nephew, but maybe I should keep quiet about that.

Location: London, UK