This page is for all of you who want to know more about SMEG. The menu's will link you to various pages which I hope you will find amusing.

The persons and orginisations listed have no connections are affiliations with the clansmeg , or I with them. So here is a few links to other humourous Smeggie related URL's.

The Comedy Zone - Deep Smeg* Jordan's Red Dwarf Page: May The Smeg Be With You. * Red Dwarf, starbug and smeg
Smeg jupitermining * Better Dead Than SMEG, Red Dwarf Section of DwarfLander * Question of Smeg: Red Dwarf Quizbook * Smeg-head!!!!!

Then the Funny "Serious" Stuff
And if you want SMEG in your kitchen

I got to get me some of these, can you imagine the prestige?

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