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This page contains some useful additonal information for aspiring map makers drawn from various resources. Where possible I have credited the original authors. Also there are a few utilities which may be of some use. I make no guarentees that these executables are bugger proof, as far as screwing up your PC is concerned. Personally, I have been using them since BZ started and have had no problems.

As always the decision is yours.

The FAQ's

I do'nt know how to make maps, it's too difficult, I can't be arsed, I have n't got the time etc, etc,.

That's just a pile of doo. Maps are n't difficult to make. If you print off the mapeditor.doc that comes with BZ and follow it a step at a time, then it's pretty straight forward. It does mean that you will have to concentrate for more than 5 minutes at a time tho. That I can't help you with. The hardest part is thinking of a theme for your map.

My map crashes when I delete a spawn item in the shift F9 mode, why is this?

In F9 mode it's possible to edit spawns objects that you really should leave alone. It's a fair bet that if your map crashes after you deleted that lil' green square then you have deleted your own tank. Ergo, you are no longer in the game, cos you have ceased to be, run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible.

Also remember to make sure you have at least two spawn points in you map when you save it as a .BZN file.

My map was OK before I added some spawnable objects (not player spawn points) but now it crashes when I try to edit it.

Check that the spawn items have the correct nonclemature. This one is easy to miss in the mapeditor.doc. You should list items in the following manner.

apammo_60_1 : where apammo is the object, 60 is the time between respawn and 1 is the unique identifier. Odd things happen if you transpose these figures. Typically your object (if it's number one on the list will respawn immediatley because it has a value of one second in this instance. It is important that the items are numbered consecutively, failure to do so will certainly upset the mapeditor and result in crashing.

Keep a pen and paper to hand so that you can note down the identifier numbers as you allocate them.

I think I have stuffed up the numbering in my .BZN file, can I amend the values in notepad, which would be quicker than using the map.editor ?

No, as soon as you save the edited file it becomes incompatible with the rest of the map files and will crash on startup.

I have accidently started the mapmaker.bat instead of the mapedit.bat and my map has gone all flat, how can I get the bumpy bits back

Eeeeeeeeeeek! You can,t. By starting the mapmaker.bat you have overwritten the file. The best safeguard against this is to have the mapmaker.bat in another folder so you can't accidently fire it up. This is n't such a big deal as you usually only use it once when creating the map.

I have finished making my landscape and want to paint it, do I have to go over every tile with the brush in the editor?

No. The .TRN file, unlike the, BZN file is editable. If you want to auto paint the map to a terrain of your choice you can cut and paste the text from a similar map.TRN file in to your map's .TRN file. Make sure you leave the very top block containing the map size data alone. You must not alter this. You may still find some tiles that are outside the range of the specified data in the .TRN file and these will have to painted out individually. It's still a lot quicker that doing by hand tho' Just make sure at every stage of the mapmaking you make a copy of your file so far when you are about to do something that may be irreversible.

I have finished making my firstmap and want to make one very similar, how do I do this?

There is a very useful lil' utility by Marc Bellingrath that renames all map's files called mapnamer. It will not rename the netmis line in the .MAD file, you will have to do this manually in notepad. This is what Marc has to say: Mapnamer info When you have copied your original map you can now alter the line in the mapeditor.bat to point at the new map

There are items in the BZ maps that are n't in the mapeditor.doc, such as buildings and alien weapons, how do I find out what they are called?

There's two ways you can do this. One: open a .BZN from a map that has some neat objects in it and look at the text in there. Or click on this link to addtional objects at the BattleZone Cartographers Guilde at

That's is for now, if you got any suggestions for additiol FAQ's, then let me know

Thanks to: Activison, Matthew Paul, George Sutty, The BattleZone Cartographers Guild, Marc Bellingrath.

Happy 'Zoning.

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