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The Looker wrote

I seen this weird thing a few times playing multi on activision server. There I am playing a game when my control over my tank geos ape s**t. I start spinning around and getting really high in the air and will sometimes destroy my ship. What is this? Is it a weapon that I do not know abt ? It not limited to just my ship either as I've seen some of my other units flying up in the air upside down and out of control too. I've also noticed that the ground seems to be rippling just like an earthquake would.

Dustin Evans wrote

What you are experiencing is a day wrecker bomb. You will hear a rumbling sound, then you will see the landscape morph majorly (I do mean majorly), you will fly all over the place, and it can seriously damage many of your ships.

I have never gotten the day wrecker to do this in the normal game. I have a friend with a small IPX network. We were just trying out some new things in strategy. I was sitting right next to him, he came into my base while I fired a day wrecker and nothing happend to me or my forces but he was experiencing an earthquake and all his forces in the area got f****d.

Spider at Krisis wrote

Actually I use the day wrecker on the NJ server all the time to soften up my adversaries bases before I roll in with my apcs and tanks. Day wreckers seriously rock your world!! If your really high on scrap in a game with no barracks, meaning no pilots. day wreckers provide awesome support to these few brave souls. use two one right after the other and the bases defenses should be shot to hell, or at least they won't have power plants to power there gun turrets.

Scan Guy wrote Invisible Units

I was playing a strategy game on-line tonight and ran into a bizarre event (IMO). (Now, mind you, this was only my sixth game on-line.)

My opponent's tank was invisible on radar AND line of sight!! He came into my base, (where my gun towers and offense units totally ignored him), and destroyed everything using a Flash cannon. I could see the cannon fire, but NOT his tank! And, no he did not show up on my radar either! I proceeded to see if I could locate and destroy his base, since mine was scrap.

I located it, but EVERYTHING he had was invisible to radar! I could see the recycler, armory, and turrets, etc, but could not "lock on" to them. I was able to destroy them by line of sight only.

I have to know... how in the #$%&@ did this guy make everything invisible?? I can understand his tank being invisible to radar via RED Field, **OR** invisible (by vision) via Phantom VIR, but both at the same time??? How did he make his base invisible? Can you send a "RED field" to units like the Recycler and Factory?

tafkar wrote

Possibly not related to this but in playing a particular add-on IA I noticed that my offensive units were totally invisible except for the shadows they cast.

I trick I would very much like to repeat, but one that probably occured as a glitch.

jango wrote

In IA maps, it's caused by the author including too many units (more than 10 in any one category). This seems to overwrite some memory somewhere, and sometimes it crashes the game. Other times, it just causes the "invisible" effect you saw. I don't know what could be causing the effect in a multiplayer setting, though.

Paul wrote

From the info that has been offered on the BZ web board, it seems to be a bug in the program. Someone was able to duplicate this problem on about 5% of the games that he played. There does not appear to be a solution at this time.

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