Friday June 30th 2000
Firstly, sorry for not writing earlier, but Ihave been trying to arrange for the forum to be fixed. The forum is hosted on Up's server and it's down at the mo, he is hol's till Monday and it's not going to be fixed 'til then. I am thinking about moving it to this site as RHA do have the facility to run CGI scripts.

The next thing is that I can confurm that Darth Vader, late of IG, has joined us and I also have a request from Zetrex, who is also looking for a home after the demise of IG. Have n't done ure page yet Darth, but I hav n't forgotten :)

Lastly for us it's business as usual, I posted a "Goodbye" message on the BZF forum but that just means I am giving up participating in what has become a massive chimpinarium. I am also relinquishing my delegates position. I shall continue to support the clan in the familly tradition.

Wednesday April 12th 2000
Another new members is offically welcomed today, Saxon , who is a m8 of our m8 DeAnO. Saxon is another one of those fine upstanding chaps who likes to spend most of his time in the air :)

Welcome aboard.
Saturday April 1st 2000
Two more new members are offically welcomed today, "@_ S_Cargo and Reginald Bull .

I have n't got the info for the pages yet, so they are a bit slim :). From what I gather "@_ S_Cargo like to be blown up lots and Reg is a keen Strat player. Welcome aboard

On the subject of member pages some of you may care to update them. If you right click on the page and bring up the source you can see where to replace the text. Do this and mail it to me and I will update them if you wish.

Do try not to fekk up the tags as this will make your page look like a NI page :) (only kidding Hemi)
Wednesday January 12 2000
Well first of all, happy new year. As I siad I would only put significant events up here as the forum takes care of that. Firstly a welcome to Rip and Electron who having demonstrated that having a laugh is the most important thing are now paid up smegs.

If some of you people want your pages updating (some of you have still not sent anything at all yet) then let me know.

Secondly, I now have a full version of BZ2. Initial impressions of the gfx are impressive, but the multi-play needs some further examination. For the moment I reserve judgement.

Do n't forget this is your clan too, if you have got any contributions send them to me!

That's all for now, drop me a line

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