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STUTTERING PROBs. Terry Meyers wrote

First off, let's start by stating that I'm running a STB Velocity 128 AGP video card on a PII 233, 64 meg ram, AWE 64g, home-brew system.

I am aware of the problem with running the newer drivers from STB. (i.e. the screen kinda stutters while cruising around on a planets surface if you have the radar turned on.) Last night I decided to D/L the latest and greatest drivers and stuff from the STB site. I got Vision 301b and the new 1.80 drivers and installed them. The stuttering problem seems to have cleared up noticeably, but it is still there. My question is... Has anyone found a way to eliminate this stuttering problem without toggling off the radar map? There are times that I like to run with the radar on, and leaving it off all the time is bothersome. I just may have to re-install the old drivers again. (big sigh) Well... I found my problem. After I upgraded the drivers, I left the render.cfg file in the BZ directory. After I removed it, everything cleared up.

Unknown wrote.

I've had similar problems with my AWE32 PNP. I was told that it was the latest Diamond Monster 3D drivers conflicting with sound card drivers. Since then, I've replaced my Monster 3D drivers with 3Dfx Interactive's reference drivers and the problem has gone away.I noticed that the crackly sound was only when using the 3Dfx Battlezone driver and not the software rendering only mode.

Steve Dietz wrote

Alright, I've got BZ installed with the 1.01 patch. SOund on an AWE64 Gold is "crackly", but only with the voice (maybe it's 'sposed to sound like that...i dunno)Are there supposed to be video scenes playing before each mission during the voice over? All I get is a blank screen. I've installed the latest SB drivers and DirectX 5.2.... thanks for any help.

Luc Lamontagne wrote Sound problem in BZ.

I had a similar problem with my awe32 running the gold drivers. For some reason they where 2 instances of the drivers in my direct X info files. ( Look in direct X info.exe under active sound cards there should be only one instance of the drivers and none under inactive sound cards. The drivers where installed twice giving crackling sound and a bit of an echo. I removed one instance of the drivers from the register and this fixed the problem. If you decide to reinstall Direct X you will have to reinstall BZ because the program checks for direct x settings when it installs and saves the current configs. Having removed a driver from directx can corrupt the game. Be sure to save your saved games and joystick config if you have to uninstall BZ. Hope this helps.

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