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JOYSTICK QUESTION.... treyweaver wrote

Does BZ support the Microsoft Force Feedback Joystick? I got the basic joystick operations to work, but I do not get any force feedback.


Paul wrote

I have the same joystick, and unfortunately the answer is no. There is no force feedback effect in BZ.

3D ACCELERATION ?........Justyn wrote


I have just recently bought an Orchid Righteous 3D 2 12Meg, and was pleased to find a copy of Battlezone with it. However, when I try and run the game with the 3D accelleration enabled I get an error message.

Failed to init 3D hardware acceleration CreateSurface for fullscreen flipping surface failed Action not supported I can play the game, but this is bugging me!

My specs are: P233MMX/ /1 MB Cirrus Logic /12 Meg Orchid R3D 2 /24x Cd Rom /80 MB Ram /Dell 15X monitor /Win 95 I have all the latest drivers n stuff. I even took the liberty of getting Direct X 5.2 off the net! Anyone have the same problem and solved it?

Richard Busby wrote.

Go into the render.cfg file in your Battlezone directory and remove the semicolon from the beginning of the line that reads:

TripleBuffer=0 //Used for 1024x768 if not enough video memory

The same thing happened to me with my Diamond Monster 3D II. Don't know why, but it did. This is what fixed it.


SAVE QUESTION......formaker wrote

Could anybody help me??? I am going to be updating my OS from Win95 to win98 using a clean install. In doing so I will lose all my saved games in BZ.

Is there a file that I can download onto a Zip and transfer after I have reinstalled all my programs and games?

Or should I just download the entire game to Zip disk and move once done? I have looked and could not find which file holds the saved games and its location. I do not want to start @ the beginning again. Though it would be just as enjoyable.

My system has the game installed to a folder called: (oddly enough) Battlezone under that is a folder called: Save the saved games appear to be in that folder with the format save1.sav, save2.sav, etc.. I'd suggest saving those files, then just copy them back into the new folder. Good luck