Saxon's page

Name:SaXoN ~ Real Name Gary, wiv missus~Debs, Kids~Arron & Sarah, also 2 cats 2 dogs 2 fish 2 birds ....i aint Noah and me house don't float.......Job~Infiltration and Survival.

Known aliases: BoatDrinks£2 and seeingeye

Fav ship: Stealthy with occ days out in me Tusker.

Hates: All authority,Stevie Wonder school of motoring graduates,big issue salesmen with homing in device,oh and workin,(although infiltration can be fun sometimes),changin strings,my BX 1.9,(hates the fuel MUCH),phone calls during my quality time wiv the almighty white throne, traffic wardens,oh and all the inconsiderate gits ive ever come across.

Likes: Medium sized breasts,drivin other ppls cars(coz they is alwayz better than mine),remote controls, jack daniels(but it don't like me!)my sax......LUV THAT,my guitar...LUV THAT 2,pasta,cheap trainers(well anything cheap really),the ability to dream, sunny morns,and me mums cups a tea,chillin wiv the band on a saturday in marsden and suppin hoegardden<---think thats how ya spell it.

Weapons :See Fave ship.

PC: OLD Donkey

Location:Manchester, UK

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