Target Practise's page

Ok, here's a little 'bout me.

Bio : I have been in APO, VC and SSH and now SMEG . APO went belly up to form RF. VC almost went belly up so we formed SSH and SSH went belly up. So SMEGS future looks bright.

Favourite ship: TBN

Dislikes: Everything on Taz's grizzle page.Amercians who say "see you Jimmy" Americans lawyers who do you for assault after saying the aformentioned phrase. Digital cameras (until i buy one) Hoovers. Gay designer beire. Mobile phone (until i buy one)

Likes: Beer, Drinking beer, the smell of beer, the smell of beer on your clothes the next day, Mr Smirnoff and the Buckfast Monks. I also like my guitar.

PC specs: erm p300 thingy with AGP grafix wotsits. A cupholder that comes out of the computer thingy, speakers and a microphone oh I almost forgot the mouse.

Location:East Scotland, UK