Upuaut's Page

Hello there, well you found me, so here's a brief bio.

Hates: Lag, Dual Mags , Germans with no sense of Humour ( I.e all of them ) , people who think it's funny to run over pilots trying to make it back to their ship, that 'Maga'mid level , people who think 'BOMBER'S ONLY' translates as 'ANY SHIP YOU WANT'. Also see everything on Fear's page as it's all applicable. Oh I really hate Escort XR3i's , and the people who drive them . And can someone tell me what's cool about those new blue headlamp bulbs that burn your retinas at 200 yards ?

Deity Allegiance Sworn To : The Shoe (Balls and Scythes are for novices -the shoe is the true way - you know it too.)

Know Aliases : BluntBlade 1.0 ?

PCSpec: PII-350 , 128Mb RAM , Voodoo II 12Mb, Bonnet vents, Chrome Exhaust, Baby On Board Sticker.

Claim to fame: Part time 'bitch' to Fear. Has the ability to solve any technical problem given enough time ( measured in years ). Lightbulbs a speciality. The clan's 'alpha' geek according to Taz.

Fav ship: Tusker, Weapons: As they come. Hornet - Shadower - Mortar combo is the best, occasionally can be seen running round in a BD Grizzly when masquerading as the mighty Blunt.
Location: Bradford, UK.
(Here's Up's in Action, the comset and shades only come on when masquerading as the mighty Blunt.)