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This page contains useful stuff, anything you thing mught be benificial let me know and I will include it, or place a link to where you can get the item

Microsoft Netmeeting Version 3.01

A useful voice and media com facility, which Fear, Killie and I have used to talk to each other via a net connection.

Make sure when you have installed it that you have done the following.

In the "tools" menu:
  • In "Options > General " If you do not want to be listed on the directory make sure this box is checked off.
  • In "Options > Security " Make sure you have these set to your preferences.
  • In "Options > Audio " Check the enable full duplex audion "on", the others are optional
  • Run the tuning wizard to ensure your set up is working ok
To place a call, paste the IP of the person you wish to call in the call box at the top of the application.

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