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Last updated July 1st 2007

The Weald Is a pleasant oasis of serenity, situated as it is, on the outskirts of Burgess Hill's answer to Area 51. The charming ambience of the establishment is maintained by Bobby and Christine Martin, who bravely keep the Outpost on an even keel and mostly prat free". "We don't want any of that ol' bollocks going on 'ere, know what I mean," a management spokesman was heard relating to a visitor.

You will have to go a long way to find a pint of Harvey's Best Bitter that is kept as well as the Weald's, if indeed that's possible. The picture to the right shows the indomitable Mr. Martin dispensing a very skillfully poured pint which he assures us is "excellent value for money".

Many of his clients believe this to be true as a fair percentage of them cannot remember what transpired the night before. "It's not the truth that hurts, It's the shock of hearing it", they observe... Notice how he is completely unphased by the area 51 escapee, who is yelling at him through the window behind, in a vain attempt to ponce a free beer. He's got no chance, scroungers are conspicous here by their absence, although they can be found should you wish to go to another place not too far away.....

If you think its been raining hard here, you take a look at this.... One of Wayne's ?

Oh and there is some really good stuff here www.micom.net/oops .

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