Zacke's page

Favourite ship: Stealth Tank with dual mags and MDM or Wolverine whith 2 hornets/shadower or 1 of each.

Favourite weapons: see above

Hates: People that spawn kill, mines, cheats and those chimps that insult people and make stupid comments at you because they are getting killed. I hate people that know how to drop NAVs when im using a wolverine :op and yes i hate SP STABERS to he he :o)

Claim to fame: I have no idea! :op

Likes: a good team fight whit no lag. and a ship with double MAGs

Known Saying: If you mess with the best you die like the rest!

PcSpec: PII-400, 128Mb RAM, 2 VooDoo II 12Mb, TNT RIVA 16Mb Grafic Card, SB16 (CRAP I will change it fast as hell for a LIVE of course!!!), 15Gb hard drive Special tactics: Shoot evrything that moves whithout getting killed!

Location:I was born in Sweden and live in the city of Gävle town and port. It is the capital of Gävleborg län (county), east-central Sweden, on an inlet of the Gulf of Bothnia, northwest of Stockholm. Although first mentioned in documents in the 8th century, it was not chartered until 1446. Despite several devastating fires, it grew from a fishing village into the main centre and export city for Norrland and the northern part of the iron-producing Bergslagen region. Manufactures range from paper to leather goods and porcelain; there is also a shipbuilding yard. The town has a restored late-16th-century castle and an 18th-century courthouse. Nearby Furuvik is a popular resort, and southeast of the city, at Järvsta, is a Viking burial ground. Pop. (1984 est.) mun., 87,671.